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And that’s a wrap on Tech Tips Webinar #2. In our latest edition of Tech Tips Webinar — Acrobits co-founder Rafael Torreblanca and CTO Tomas Vyskocil unpacked Local Push Notifications and several exciting releases on the horizon, including our new mobile app UI, SIPIS ecosystem upgrade, and multiparty messaging.

We also received many great questions from the audience, which we’ll answer in this post.

So, without further adieu — here’s your full recap of Tech Tips Webinar #2.

Cloud Softphone & Local Push Notifications

Local Push Notifications have changed the game as far as push notifications technology is concerned. We worked hard to incorporate this technology into our tech stack so we could provide our customers with highly reliable push notifications that don’t significantly impact your battery life.

Our version of Local Push Notifications provides all the same benefits of Apple Push Notifications Service (APNS) without the limitations. You can think of Local Push Notifications in Cloud Softphone as a private network replacement for APNS.

We will also be carrying out a SIPIS ecosystem upgrade to better support your needs. This update will increase the system’s capacity by 100% and is expected to be completed via weekend deployments by February 2023.

New Mobile UI Coming Q2 2023

We know customizability is one of the main reasons why our customers love Cloud Softphone. So, we’re doubling down on making Cloud Softphone more customizable than ever before with our new mobile UI update.

The new mobile UI update is scheduled to go live sometime in Q2 2023 and promises to deliver a more stable, straightforward, and customizable experience. Here’s what’s coming in the new update:

  • A clean, minimalistic, and modern looks
  • Dark and light theme support
  • Improved Android UI performance
  • New design editor in CSP
  • Easy upgradability for future releases
  • More options for customizing your brand identity, including branding the main screen and call screen

We designed this update with a few key considerations in mind, including: keeping 100% of our existing features, prioritizing our turnkey model, ensuring native platform visuals, implementing a new design system, and migrating Android projects to Kotlin.

Customers will be notified before the update goes live to ensure they have enough time to prepare for these changes. All white label apps can launch the new UI at their own pace, while generic Cloud Softphone customers will be notified in advance.

Multiparty Messaging Comes to Cloud Softphone

1-on-1 chats are great, but sometimes you need to bring several people into a conversation. Well, we’ve heard you loud and clear. Multiparty messaging will be available on Cloud Softphone in Q2 2023.

Multiparty messaging will support multiple implementations, including CSP-specific requirements, SIP simple, and Acrobits HTTP messaging. Other notable features include full support for rich messaging, the ability to create groups of up to 16 people, disposition notifications, and message deletion capabilities for more security-focused companies. Best of all, customers can quickly add this feature to their app with one click in the Cloud Softphone portal.

Your Q&As Answered

You asked, we answered. Keep reading to see our answers to your biggest questions.

Q: Do we have to switch to the new mobile UI?

We will provide a grace period for up to one year, but all Cloud Softphone customers will eventually need to migrate to the new UI.

Q: What messaging type will multi-party messaging use?

Multiparty messaging will be based on the MMS standard.

Q: Will both Cloud Softphone mobile and desktop support the new logo feature?

Our new brand identity feature will allow you to customize your logo in the app itself. However, the desktop version will keep the actual logo.

Q: Is CDR (call history) between devices on the road map?

Not at the moment due to SIPIS limitations and privacy and GDPR concerns. We suggest using WebTap for call history to expose the full CDRs from your billing system. You can also hide the call history from the Cloud Softphone portal if you wish.

Q: Will Local Push Notifications work with named WiFi SSIDs?

No. Local VoIP Push Notifications will only work from the iPhone WiFi interface and associated SSID.

Q: Have you considered using Flutter for cross-platform development?

We’ll be answering this in detail when we release a new blog in the coming weeks that discusses our native vs. cross-platform strategy for mobile devices.

Q: Will Groundwire’s local SIPis still work when iOS kills the process?

Yes! Local Push Notifications will still be issued even if the app gets killed by iOS.

Don’t Miss Tech Tips Webinar #3 on March 15th, 2023

Tech Tips Webinar is your instant access to all the latest insights, upcoming feature releases, and other exciting updates from the Acrobits teams.

Make sure to tune into the next edition of Tech Tips Webinar on March 15th, 2023. 

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