What is a White Label Softphone
What is a White Label Softphone?
What is a Softphone?
What is a White Label Softphone?
Benefits of a White Label Softphone
What is a White Label Softphone?

White labeling is a widespread practice throughout many industries, ranging from food products to technology services. A white labeled product is produced by a third-party company and offered without branding to the purchaser. 

For example, many grocery stores have their own brand for popular products, but they aren’t usually manufacturing them. Instead, they are purchasing white label products from manufacturers and adding their branding to the product. 

White labeling allows businesses to offer various products and services without needing to manufacture or develop them directly. This practice allows businesses to provide all of the services their customer base requires, all of which have the same branding.

A white label softphone is a softphone application sold to businesses without the original developer’s branding. Instead, the purchaser can customize the product, add their branding, and offer the service to their customers directly or use it internally. 

What is a Softphone?

White labeling aside, what exactly is a softphone? A softphone is an application designed for modern VoIP communications services. Most softphones will offer voice calls, video calls, conferencing, and text messaging. Some platforms go further and offer advanced features such as file sharing and integrations with popular business applications. 

The “soft” in softphone indicates that it is purely software and does not require a hardware phone to function. An ideal softphone application will work on all standard devices and operating systems. Many softphone applications will still work with hardware phones if desired, but it’s not required.

What is a White Label Softphone?

White label softphones are offered as a low-code solution that allows businesses to offer VoIP solutions that carry their branding rather than the branding of the developing company. 

Businesses may opt for a white label softphone for either internal or external uses. For example, an internal white label softphone can create a more professional image within the company, while an external softphone can be a product offered to customers. 

Like other white label products, purchasing a white label softphone gives the purchaser a premium, professionally developed platform without needing to invest the time and resources required to develop a softphone from the ground up. 

Benefits of a White Label Softphone

Softphones have become standard throughout the modern business world. While many organizations will purchase a branded solution, others decide to use a white label platform. Opting for a white label softphone gives the purchaser several distinct benefits

Customizable Softphone Features

Many white label softphones allow purchasers to customize the features of their softphones so that it only includes the features and capabilities they need. Customization allows purchasing businesses to control their costs directly and avoid overpaying for capabilities they won’t use.

For example, businesses looking for a simple voice-calling solution will pay less than businesses that want to include video conferencing. In addition, an ideal softphone will allow you to add and remove features as needed, so your softphone can grow alongside your business. 

No Need to Build the Backend Infrastructure

All applications need backend infrastructure, but softphones require an even more robust infrastructure that provides secure and reliable communications services. Deciding on a white label solution rather than developing one in-house gives businesses access to an existing infrastructure to securely handle every voice call, video conference, and file transfer. 

Cross-Platform Compatibility Out of the Box

Employees and customers have varying devices and operating systems that can make developing a softphone application a complex endeavor. Choosing a white label softphone solution gives purchasers a platform already compatible with nearly every device and operating system that customers want to use.

Your Branding Throughout the App

One of the primary reasons why businesses decide for a white label softphone is the ability to fully customize the branding to maintain a consistent image throughout all of their platforms. In addition, many white label softphones allow for thorough customization beyond uploading a logo, allowing purchasers to match the softphone’s look and feel to their other applications. 

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