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We’re all about helping our customers and partners better understand how to drive the most value out of Cloud Softphone, whether that’s exploring new features or highlighting what’s on the horizon. 

That’s why Acrobits recently launched our new Tech Tips Webinar series to demo recent features, showcase customer use cases, and discuss what we’re working on. It’s our goal to help you make the most out of Cloud Softphone.

Our inaugural Tech Tips Webinar set the tone for our new series. We provided multiple live demos, a real-world customer use case, and explored what we’ll be deploying in the near future.

Topics Covered in Our Tech Tips Webinar

New Permissions UI

Our platform requires the proper permissions for specific capabilities. So, we retooled our permissions UI to give you greater control over permissions for your microphone, camera, screen sharing, location, and more — from the very start with an intuitive configuration wizard.  It’s now easier to manage permissions without the need to reset Chrome or exit calls.

New Feature for Seamless Desktop App Updates

Updating your desktop app just got easier. We’ve improved this experience to allow users to update their desktop app to the latest version using in-app prompts.

Customer Portal Enhancements

You’ll soon have greater control over pushing new versions and configuring in-app reminders for your users to update. These enhancements will roll out in late November 2022.

Web Tab Improvements

Our web app is designed to provide an excellent user experience within your browser. You can now have multiple fully-customized Cloud Softphone tabs open to manage the in-app experience.

Voxcloud Cloud Softphone Integration

Voxcloud provided an in-depth demo about how they’ve used Acrobits’ Cloud Softphone to build a world-class softphone app. With Acrobits handling the nuts and bolts, Voxcloud was able to focus on improving UI/UX. They also showed how they’re using Web Tabs to streamline customer support.

Customer Q&A

We also took the time to answer your biggest Cloud Softphone questions through a live Q&A session.

LinkUp Video Conferencing Goes Live

We officially unveiled LinkUp, our new video collaboration tool available to all customers to test and experience for themselves. LinkUp is available for bundling with your existing Cloud Softphone solution or as a standalone app.

We’ve further improved the LinkUp experience via SSO from Microsoft 365 and Google Calendar, giving you more control and insights into your schedule.

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