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Streamlined Real-Time Communications for Individuals and Enterprises Since 2008

Build Your Own Feature-Rich Platform with Acrobits

Acrobits is a recognized technology leader in Mobile and Desktop unified communications solutions. And the 140 million+ downloads of our apps speak to that success.

The focus has always been on our customers. We’ve helped 600 communication service providers generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues for their clients using our white-label/OEM, IP-based, mobile-first solutions.

Acrobits developed the first mobile VoIP Application to appear in iTunes and Google Play in 2009. Our solutions enable HD voice, video, and multi-messaging mobile and desktop products for CSPs, system integrators, and telecom companies across the communications industry.

Working with Acrobits means working with a proven leader in the industry. We maintain full ownership of all Intellectual Property across our full product suite. All software code has been written in-house and does not rely on any open source software except for the licensing of common CODECs. Inteliquent, a US based carrier, acquired Acrobits in September 2019.