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Push notifications

An innovative new option for sending in-app notifications to your customers.

Push through the alerts that matter

Go beyond standard push notifications with a specialized solution designed for high stakes, low connectivity environments.
No battery drain

Our push notification service only activates when necessary — meaning it’s not constantly draining your battery.

Keep in contact

Ensure people still receive notifications even with poor reception by leveraging the local area network.

Connect with customers 

Incorporate your cloud softphone app into your marketing strategy by sending alerts to your customers about everything from bill payments to special offers

Local push notifications

Embrace the future of push notifications on mobile apps using your local area network.

How to get push notifications for Cloud Softphone

You can add the Push Notifications feature to your Cloud Softphone plan at any time — here’s how:


Ensure you have a SIP account that can register to the public Internet.


Login to your admin dashboard.


Find Local Push Notifications in the list of feature add-ons.


Add the feature to your plan by following the on-screen prompts.

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