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Unified Login

Make logging in completely painless — just as it should be.

Make cumbersome credentials a thing of the past

Make it as easy as possible for your people to login to Cloud Softphone, and spend less time fussing over usernames and passwords.
Multiple ways to authenticate

Choose from any combination of authentication methods, including QR codes, magic links, SSO, and biometrics.

Customize your login experience

Give your application’s login process its own unique look and feel with custom branding and design.

Reduce unauthorized access

Avoid manual entry of credentials while also making it more difficult for bad actors to access your app.

Simple and seamless

Support workplace productivity by implementing streamlined authentication with our web registration wizard.

How to get the unified login feature 
on your Cloud Softphone

You can add the Unified Login feature to your Cloud Softphone plan at any time — here’s how:


Login to your admin dashboard.


Find Unified Login in the list of feature add-ons.


Add the feature to your plan by following the on-screen prompts.

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