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Contact Hub

Centralize your contacts no matter where they are.

No more confusing contact lists

Bring your entire contact database into one place with just a few clicks, then change the way you communicate with a feature-rich dashboard. 
Integrate from any source

Take native contacts from iOS, Office 365, Google, Android, Web Services, and more.

Keep your database safe

Our Contact Hub is protected by HTTPS security, ensuring private information stays private.

Work with your tools

The Acrobits Contact Hub is compatible with nearly every major contact management solution.

Click to call with any contact

Clicking on any phone number in the Contact Hub will immediately launch Cloud Softphone to make a call.

How to get the Contact Hub on Cloud Softphone

You can add the Contact Hub feature to your Cloud Softphone plan at any time  — here’s how:


Login to your admin dashboard.


Find Contact Hub in the list of feature add-ons.


Add the feature to your plan by following the on-screen prompts.


Choose which contact lists you want to integrate.

  • Date & Time
  • Personal Information
  • Finish