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Acrobits has supported the Android OS since 2011’s Froyo release. We’ve seen the platform grow a lot since then, and we will continue to support it through this growth with new features, updates.


Acrobits released the first ever general SIP client on the App Store in 2009, our client was the first to support push notifications (2010), and we continue to push the boundaries with exciting new features and updates.


Cloud Softphone supports iOS, Android, macOS X, and Windows. Our platform makes it easy for you to create your own application, update it, and to add new features that your customers will find useful.

The Most Powerful Feature Set In The MarketThe Most Powerful Features

If It Exists – We Have A Feature For It

Native Desktop Apps

Seamlessly move between mobile and desktop with our apps for MacOS and Windows.

Call & Video Conference

Add high-quality call and video capabilities to your app using codecs designed to maximize call quality.

Call Forward & Transfers

Take advantage of industry standard features like call forwarding and transfers.

External Provisioning

Get your app to market with a platform that prioritizes external provisioning and rapid deployment.

Push Notifications

Keep your customers notified and reduce device battery drain with push notifications.

File Transfer

Enhance the communication capabilities of your platform with file transferring. Let your users send and receive files of all types.


Keep your users voice and video calls secure using our award-winning encryption libraries.

SIP Server Agnostic

Solve hosting and networking problems. Cloud Softphone can connect to any SIP RCF 2.0 server.


Improve the user experience of your mobile app with text and RCS messaging.


Improve the reliability of your network with our VoWiFi feature that lets your users make calls using a WiFi connection.


We make it easy for you to integrate with Cloud Softphone thanks to our streamlined API.

Do it Yourself

Create your own white label softphone app, complete with the features you need.

We support more than 24,000 device modelsSupport for more than 24,000 devices

Compatibility like you’ve never experienced before

MDM Compliant

We make MDM easy. Cloud Softphone can be deployed through leading MDM providers like Airwatch and MobileIron. If you need MDM-compatibility, we’ve got you covered.

Build Servers

Cloud Softphone offers more than just a feature-rich branding opportunity. You can use it as an app build engine and it’s compatible with .IPA and .APK formats.

WiFi Finder

Help your users find reliable and safe WiFi networks using Cloud Softphones’ WiFi Finder compatibility.

Smart Contacts

Import and convert existing contact lists with our internal, external, and smart contacts management feature.

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