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External SIP Provisioning

Enable a more streamlined, secure, and worry-free SIP provisioning process.

Make provisioning painless

Keep your SIP credentials safe while supporting deeper configuration and more varied account parameters.
Make life harder for hackers

SIP credentials remain encrypted through the entire provisioning process, preventing access by bad actors.

Employ a granular featureset

Easily create and granularly apply value-added services via SIP provisioning and per-user configuration.

Maintain full control

Log users off either manually or automatically based on a wide array of criteria.

Built-in functionality

Acrobits Cloud Softphone has a dedicated external provisioning process baked directly into its backend for easy access and usage.

How to set up external SIP provisioning

You can enable external provisioning on your Cloud Softphone plan at any time — here’s how:


Login to your admin dashboard.


Find External Provisioning in the list of feature add-ons.


Add the feature to your plan by following the on-screen prompts.

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