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Multi Party Rich Messaging

Enable deeper collaboration with all-in-one group chats and multi-party rich communication services.

Change the way your people communicate

Leverage a ready-made group messaging solution that makes it simpler than ever to stay in touch.
Turnkey communication

Because our service isn’t based on RFC, you can integrate it at full functionality right away.

Rich messaging

Enable text, video, audio, and images within the same chat.

Security focused

Ensure sensitive and private communications remain that way through SSL encryption.

Consolidated communication

No more jumping between multiple platforms — keep all your communications in one app.

How to get multi party rich communication services for Cloud Softphone

You can add the Multi Party Rich Messaging feature to your Cloud Softphone plan at any time — here’s how:


Login to your admin dashboard.


Find Multi Party Rich Messaging in the list of feature add-ons.


Add the feature to your plan by following the on-screen prompts.

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