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Desktop Softphone App

Embrace any workplace with a feature-rich, fully customizable desktop softphone for Mac and Windows.

Multiplatform experience

Create a consistent, multiplatform experience with one solution 

that's designed to support the way your users collaborate.

White label branding

Ensure consistent cross-platform branding and create a single communication and collaboration experience with a fully white label solution.

Inbound & outbound calling

Empower your users to both make and receive business calls entirely from their desktop device — and jump from desktop to mobile with ease.

Video calls

Enable deeper interaction with built-in video chat supported by high-quality audio and video codecs.

Messaging and file

Encourage collaboration and coordination  through built-in file sharing and rich messaging.

How to get the Cloud Softphone desktop app

You can add the Desktop App feature to your Cloud Softphone plan at any time — here’s how:


Ensure the host computer is connected to the Internet and equipped with voice calling services.


Provision a username and password. This is typically done by reaching out to your SIP or VoIP service provider.


Copy or download the Cloud Softphone installer to the host computer, then follow the instructions to install.


Open the app, then enter your provisioned credentials and click Sign In.

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