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App Publishing Service

Pushing your app to the App Store and Google Play Store doesn’t need to be hard.

Let us handle the heavy lifting

Take the headaches out of app management with a full-service solution for both Android and iOS. 
Approvals made easy

We’ll leverage our extensive experience to make sure your app ticks all the necessary boxes for approval.

Worry-free publishing

We handle the entire publishing process — with our white-label softphone service, we’ll even set up your developer accounts.

Keep a handle on policy

We’ll manage your relationship with both stores, and let you know if a policy change might impact your business.

How to enable the Acrobits App Publishing Service

You can activate full service at any time  — here’s how:


Open your dashboard.


Navigate to Features and Pricing.


Scroll down past the Production Builds section.


Toggle Full Service, then click Submit.


When you’re ready to publish on mobile, click Submit to Stores on your dashboard’s main screen.


Whenever Acrobits launches a new build, you’ll see a notice in your dashboard. Once you’ve confirmed the build doesn’t break anything, submit new builds for review through your dashboard.

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