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There's never been an easier way to build a custom UCaaS app. Save up to 95% on development costs.

Design, build, provision, and deploy an enterprise-grade UCaaS app in less than 24 hours
Make voice & video calls, send texts, share files, and more — all within Cloud Softphone
Maintain feature parity with access to 100+ premium features
Add and remove features when you need them. You only pay for what you use

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Build it yourself or white label with us?

Why spend $500,000 building your own softphone app. Compare your options below.

Cloud Softphone white label app for iOS and Android
Desktop app for MacOS and Windows
Video conferencing with LinkUp
QA and support team
Included with Cloud Softphone
Included with Cloud Softphone
With Cloud Softphone
Starting from / per month
Starting from / per month
Build it yourself
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Est. First year CapEX
Should you build or buy a softphone app?
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All the features you
need to compete

Keep your clients connected

Give your clients all the tools needed to communicate, including rich messaging, busy lamp fields, file sharing, and more.

Create custom experiences with webtabs

Integrate custom content into your softphone app to better support your customer’s needs using our webtab feature.

HIPAA compliant push notifications

Reduce battery drain and never miss another notification with full support for push notifications and local push.

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Receive world-class support

Access same-day support and operating system updates with a platform that’s compatible with almost all Android and iOS devices.

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Cloud Softphone:
Seamless Cross-Platform

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Instantly add video
conferencing to your apps

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What kind of support do you provide?
We offer dedicated online support to our clients Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM CET. All queries are typically answered within 24 hours. Our custom white label softphone platform is very accessible and functional straight out of the box.
Do you support file transfer and picture sharing?
Our white label softphone does have a picture transfer and file transfer feature. Users can add it to their bundle with a simple checkbox. We make collaboration easy by enabling picture and file transfer across a wide range of devices and operating systems.
Do you have a reseller program?
Yes, we do! We provide our resellers with support for any desktop and mobile softphone applications they build. If you require additional information about our custom softphone solution, please contact [email protected] to learn more.
Do you support push notifications?
Acrobits Softphone was the first SIP client to support push notifications for incoming events. All Cloud Softphone bundles include our push notification server component by default. We offer a simple, straightforward installation to companies looking to use this service in any virtual environment, client, or through Docker.
How can I go live and what are the payment methods?
Building your own SIP calling and real-time communications application through Cloud Softphone is easy. We accept credit card payments via Stripe, PayPal, and wire transfers.
Does Cloud Softphone Include an SDK?
Yes! We have a dedicated SDK available to support any companies looking for more control and customization for their deployment.
How does Acrobtis ensure compliance with industry regulations, such as HIPAA or GDPR?
Our platform uses a private encryption stack that’s so secure that it’s being used by the European Parliament. We spent years creating our own internal encryption system for white label softphone solution because we know how important your privacy and security is, especially in the healthcare sector. Acrobits leverages ZRTP, SRTP, and TLS encryption to keep private user data safe through every stage of the communication process.
What is the pricing model for your white label softphone service?
You may find all pricing information on our "Cloud Softphone Pricing" page. Or you may contact our sales team to inquire any information about our white label softphone solution