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Best CounterPath Bria Alternative

Say Goodbye to Bria Teams Pro and Stretto

Make the switch to Cloud Softphone today and save 50% on your setup fees.
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Make the switch from Bria and get 50% off your setup fees

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Looking for CounterPath Bria Alternatives?

Acrobits Cloud Softphone vs CounterPath Bria

Discover the countless benefits you’ll unlock by making the switch from Bria to Cloud Softphone.
Acrobits Cloud Softphone
Counterpath Stretto
Basic Information
  • White label option
  • Easily configurable
  • White label option
  • Complex configuration process
Monthly Price Per Thousand Users$1$6
  • Calls are not proxied or altered
  • All media is encrypted
  • Calls are not proxied
  • Shared media is not encrypted
GDPR/HIPAA Compliance
  • Secure protocols (SRTP, TLS, ZRTP), ensuring compliance with HIPAA and GDPR standards
  • Encryption trusted by the European Parliament
  • Contacts and messages stored on Stretto servers
  • GDPR or HIPAA compliance challenges
  • Full control of development stack
  • 15 years of experience
  • From January 2024, Counterpath Bria reaches it’s end-of-life
Video Conferencing
  • Offers a scalable, brandable, and ready-to-use native video conferencing solution, powered by Amazon Chime
  • Built on an open-source stack, it faces scaling challenges and potential quality issues
Proactive or Reactive?
  • Proactive response to market changes
  • Reactive response to market changes

Industry-leading innovation since 2009

Stay ahead of changing cloud communications trends with the right partner. We’ve never lost focus on pushing the limits of innovation since launching the first SIP app on the App Store in 2009.
Smart Phone Apps
Push Notifications
Calls Over 3G / 4G / 5G
Apple CallKit Ready
Apple Local Push Integration
Video Conferencing Ready
One unified platform

Don’t let Bria’s product fragmentation slow you down

Experience unparalleled cloud communications with Cloud Softphone.

Simplify your tech stack with our white label softphone platform, offering the latest features, lifetime updates, and a seamless integration for a competitive edge in your industry.

No more complex integrations or fragmented products.
Ready for a seamless transition to Cloud Softphone?

Make the switch from Bria today and get 50% off your setup fees

Get your 50% now

Never compromise on the features you need

Tired of compromising on the latest features with CounterPath Bria? Get all of this and more with the best Bria alternative:

Acrobits Cloud Softphone

  • 500+ customization options
  • 7-10 updates annually
  • Push for everything
  • Proactive roadmap
  • ★★★★★ on TrustPilot

CounterPath Stretto

  • Minimal customization options
  • Manual updates on demand
  • Push only for calls
  • Reactive roadmap
  • ★★★★★ on TrustPilot

Changing to the best CounterPath Bria Alternative is really easy

Design and build your app in hours
Work with our team or use the intuitive app builder to create the cloud communications app you need quickly.
Choose from 100+ premium features
Pick and choose from over 100 premium features, including video conferencing, web tab views & more.
Provision and deploy fast
The Cloud Softphone team supports you every step of the way to get your app provisioned and approved for launch.
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