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7 Marketing Must-Haves for Your Softphone App

Marketing Must Haves
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Today’s digital marketing space is competitive. While advertising isn’t new by any means, standing out from the crowd is more challenging than ever. Effective promotion is not an option but a business imperative.

And if you’re about to launch your app into a marketplace where 10,000 apps are added daily, you need to find creative ways to stand out from the crowd.

Luckily, since Cloud Softphone saved you around 90% of your development costs, you’re probably looking at spending that money on digital marketing. But before you dive too deep into marketing your app, let’s explore our top five marketing must-haves for your softphone app, how they work, and what makes them so successful.

1. Push Notifications

Push notifications keep your softphone running in the background in a low-power state. Why is this important? Push notifications maximize connectivity to a service without draining a device’s battery. But they’re also an invaluable marketing tool.

Push notifications are so successful because they’re a direct marketing tool. They leverage an on-demand model that delivers your marketing message quickly and successfully every time. Unlike blog posts and videos, they require nothing more than a few seconds of commitment.

With Cloud Softphone, you can easily add push notifications to your app features with two clicks.

2. Consistent Branding

Building brand awareness is essential for growing your business. Customers are significantly more likely to purchase from a brand they recognize based on a consistent aesthetic. Make sure customers recognize your unique brand with consistent digital and visual content.

While consistent branding can improve customer confidence in your products and services, creating your own branded softphone from scratch is expensive and time-consuming. For small- to medium-sized businesses, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on app development and maintenance isn’t an option.

Cloud Softphone lets you boost your brand with a fully-customizable interface and an easy-to-use design tool. Get all the functionality you need while delivering a customized, branded experience that your customers will remember.

3. Paid Advertising

PPC stands for pay-per-click. PPC advertising campaigns allow businesses to reach a targeted audience fast with a profitable ROI. Strategically-crafted campaigns often yield immediate results, which isn’t surprising when you consider that 64.6% of consumers click on Google ads when they’re shopping online.

PPC campaigns drive traffic to your website, generate leads or app downloads, and create customers. Tip from our marketing team: you can get away with some DIY campaigns to start out with; just make sure to seek out expert help before increasing your budget.

Before launching your next Google Ads campaign, consider who your customers are, what they’re looking for, what words they search with, and what other channels they might be using to search for it.

4. Social Media Marketing

With over 3.5 billion people on social media, social media marketing has become an essential tool for businesses to increase traffic, visibility, engage with customers, and drive sales. The trick is to cultivate a social media presence and strategythat aligns with your goals and appeals to your target audience.

One of the easiest ways to boost engagement is to build a presence and create posts focusing on the right message. You need to know your audience and the types of content they interact with; that way you can keep the message targeted and relevant.

You also need to understand that social media can be used for many different objectives. These include things like:

  • • Building brand authority and visibility
  • • Boosting brand awareness
  • • Attracting new employees
  • • Educating customers about new products, services, or initiatives

Whatever you decide — make sure your social media marketing strategy has specific goals — so you can better measure and benchmark your success.

Another thing to consider is the story you tell. Focus on storytelling that resonates with your audience and encourages an intended action. Increasing brand awareness and engagement is all about connecting with customers consistently and in a way that aligns with their goals.

5. Marketing and Sales Team Integration

You need sales and marketing teams that communicate in the same language and work together towards a common goal. Do your sales representatives understand what sets you apart from the competition? Do they understand the company vision? Can they describe the value you offer?

While a grand strategy can guide your sales team toward success, culture is just as important. Every team requires precise goals and measurable outcomes. But reaching these goals will be easier if your sales representatives collaborate with your marketing team.

6. Additional Marketing Exposure

We’ve explored social media marketing, but it’s well worth developing a robust marketing strategy to reach and convert new customers. Social media is a powerful tool, but a more far-reaching strategy will further improve your reach, brand awareness, and authority.

Potent tools for more marketing exposure include:

  • • Distribution and promotion of press releases: Create PR campaigns for notable business updates, product upgrades, and anything else you want to make the public aware of. The inherent credibility of PR campaigns goes even further when you promotethem, typically by using the add-on benefits of a PR platform or a specific social media campaign.
  • • Blog posts and sponsored articles: Posting insightful articles and blogs on your own website helps improve your telecom project SEO rankings. Sponsored articles are posts on other websites that showcase your authority and drive traffic back to your own site. Combined, they can go far in creating long-term growth for your business.
  • • Working with influencers: Influencer marketing is different from standard social media marketing as it’s focusing on leveraging an influencer’s social media presence. Reach out to large accounts related to your target audience and offer a sponsored post. If accepted, they’ll create a campaign around your business and immediately boost brand visibility to a potentially massive audience.

Each of these methods will have a varying ROI depending on how it’s executed. However, each of them has the potential to provide a positive ROI that meaningfully contributes to your business growth.

7. Thorough Analytics

How do you measure essential metrics to understand how well your marketing and advertising efforts are performing? Adopting a thorough analytics program allows you to understand how every dollar spent is performing.

There are several analytics platforms worth considering. Many organizations opt for Google Analytics since it’s suited for mobile and desktop traffic, and the latest update is well-suited for modern ad campaigns.

An analytics platform is particularly important for setting conversion events that are associated with specific campaigns. Without setting this up, it’s difficult or impossible to truly understand your ROI for a given campaign.

Even more abstract goals like enhanced brand visibility can be tracked and understood. You might not set up conversion events, but precisely tracking incoming traffic over time helps you understand the success of visibility campaigns.

Promotion without thorough analytics will leave you wondering what actually worked. Make sure to focus on setting up analytics before diving into your next marketing campaign.

Why You Shouldn’t DIY When It Comes to Digital Marketing

Great digital marketing can set your company apart from your competition. The DIY route may save you money, but the results often look, amateur. a feature-rich platform that appeals to both recreational and business-class guests.

Great digital marketing can set your company apart from your competition. The DIY route may save you money, but the results often look amateur. A feature-rich platform that appeals to both recreational and business-class guests.

Grab a freelancer for a couple of hours a month to consistently post on social media, write blogs for your website, set up a Google Ads campaign, and to create useful marketing materials. It’s not a big business expense and will improve your presence and brand credibility in the long run.

And best of all? You can use the money you saved by building your softphone app with Cloud Softphone to focus on lead generation and growing your business.

Are you interested in learning more? Get in touch with a member of the Cloud Softphone team today.

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