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Top 11 Softphone App Features You Should Know

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Digital communications are constantly evolving. Today’s companies are increasingly leveraging top softphone app features to achieve solutions that can unify communications systems on small, medium, and big businesses.

Whether your employees work in-house or remotely, your company needs access to premium features that improve productivity, collaboration, and overall efficiency.

The Acrobits development team is working around the clock to make the Cloud Softphone app more powerful by the day.

As an industry-leading solution, the communications platform has positioned itself as the go-to collaboration tool for enterprises, small companies, developers, and even individuals through Groundwire and Acrobits Softphone.

Why do companies like Cisco, Digium, and PortaOne all trust Cloud Softphone as their B2B white-label softphone provider?

It’s the wide variety of premium features that make this a versatile communications platform.

The Top 11 Softphone App Features You Should Look For

But if you’re here, you’re looking to find out what features you need to include in your softphone app? Here are just a few of the great features our platform has to offer:

1. API Functionality

API functionality is a must-have if your business needs to integrate existing apps and services into your Cloud Softphone build.

Studies have shown that 55% of industry experts agree that API integration is a “critical” component of business strategy and a determining factor in customer satisfaction.

A white-label VoIP cloud softphone connects with other business applications to sync data, streamlining your workflows. Since modern companies work closely with a wide variety of apps, the communications platform they choose must integrate with these vital tools.

APIs also assist in web-based application development. Doing so ensures a consistent experience on different devices. Whether it’s a native iOS app or a browser-based program on a desktop, your application is fully functional no matter how the user accesses it.

2. Push Notifications

Every smartphone user is familiar with push notifications. They’re the little pop-ups with brief sound effects that alert the user to an important message. You might get one when someone retweets you or likes your Facebook post.

Push notifications are popular in marketing, as they alert potential customers of future sales, new products, and industry news. Experienced companies know that they stimulate user engagement effectively and increase conversion rates.

For business management, Cloud Softphone gives push notifications another use case: making sure that employees are up-to-date on office events and meetings, as well as notifying them of important emails and messages.

Local push notifications give your company the visibility it needs when it comes to marketing, internal communications, and more.

3. Rich Messaging

When it comes to discussing complicated business matters, simple text messaging sometimes isn’t enough. Cloud Softphone enables employees to deploy rich messaging for critical internal communications.

And for customers and other end users? It lets them communicate on their terms by enhancing the communication experience, not only giving them a softphone with SMS, but a tool enriched with capabilities for a broader spectrum of multimedia.

Anyone can send out audio or video clips, pictures, and emojis, or share files directly through the softphone app.

4. Voice over WLAN/VoWiFi

Voice over wireless local area network (VoWLAN or VoWiFi) lets you make phone calls over WiFi. It’s one of the best ways to improve your call quality when wireless network coverage isn’t available.

It also provides your remote employees with a reliable way to stay connected, make client phone calls, and communicate as needed. VoWiFi doesn’t incur any extra charges and is usable in any location with a WiFi signal.

Our VoWiFi feature is designed to handle signal transferring seamlessly and will automatically connect to an available, trusted WiFi connection whenever it becomes available.

5. File Transfer

Because multiple employees typically work on the same files, keeping everyone on the latest version is a challenge many companies face today.

Whether your company or customers rely on cloud storage, Cloud Softphone can simplify quick file transfers between your end-users.

Your company needs a softphone solution that has file transferring incorporated if you want to boost collaboration and eliminate miscommunication. It’s one of the easiest ways to improve project visibility and productivity.

6. Encryption

Many businesses learn the hard way that outdated or substandard security measures are just as effective as none at all. End-to-end encryption is mandatory now that customers are becoming more aware of data security risks.

Acrobits Cloud Softphone comes with its own award-winning, in-house encryption stack that even the European Union Parliament uses. It leverages ZRTP, SRTP, and TLS encryption to keep consumer data safe throughout the sales process. Features include:

  • • Peer-to-peer audio and video encryption to protect against wiretapping and hijacking
  • • Prevention of man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks
  • • Usage of the Diffie-Hellman key exchange protocol to secure your media

Defend your business today from cybercrime, ensure your HIPAA compliance, and protect your user’s data with Acrobits’ softphone app.

7. Call and Video Conferencing

One of the prime features of a quality softphone app is enhanced methods of communication. Your users need to have access to a wide variety of call features. Call and video conferencing aren’t just nice-to-haves — they’re the expectation today.

With support for more than just voice calls, the Acrobits solution gives your staff video conferencing as well to help demonstrate complex problems or concepts.

Choose a more effective collaboration tool, and don’t miss out on important information because of the limitations of your platform.

8. Call Forwarding and Transfers

Customer service plays an important role in any business, especially call centers.

While you can’t avoid every mistake, you can do your best to solve customer frustrations as they occur.

Prevent customer frustration by sending the right clients to the right employees. You can control the way you communicate by connecting calls, making transfers, and forwarding messages.

9. External Provisioning

Designing, building, provisioning, and deploying an app is a costly and time-consuming process. The entire process can take years, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and requires a lot of ongoing support to maintain.

Get your app up and running as quickly as possible with our easy-to-use softphone app builder. Time is valuable, so Cloud Softphone makes it easy to provision and deploy your app. Pick and choose the features you need, customize your build, and review the deployment in under an hour with Acrobits.

10. Smart Contacts

Have a vital list of business contacts on hand already? You can’t afford to spend days migrating large lists of essential company contacts. A smart contacts feature is designed to simplify the integration process.

When you select our softphone app, we’ll import and convert them into your new deployment for you using smart contacts.

Now that business professionals often deal with hundreds of contacts, our smart contacts management feature will prevent you from losing an important contact and save you time.

11. Busy Lamp Field/Presence

A busy lamp field (BLF) functions similarly to a status indicator on social media. It shows which softphones are in use on the system and even acts as a speed dial.

In business, a BLF tells you at a glance which employees are available to take calls, which are already in a call, and which are away from the office. Such a tool provides valuable insight into resource optimization and productivity.

Cloud Softphone: A Feature-Rich Experience That’s Fully Customizable

Softphones have evolved past the original goal of merely modifying traditional phones. They are now sophisticated platforms with advanced functionalities.

Much has changed for business communication in the last decade, and tools like Cloud Softphones have more features than ever.

Attempting to build your own equivalent platform is both time-consuming and difficult now that fully customizable white-label softphone solutions are available on the market.

Are you looking to create a new unified communications platform for your business or customers? Do you want to maintain control over your branding? Do you want to understand what a softphone is capable of?

Schedule your 15-minute demo with the Cloud Softphone team today to see why our softphone app is trusted by companies all throughout the world.

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