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Acrobits Turns 11 – Let’s Celebrate Our Biggest Year Yet

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Acrobits officially turns 11 this year. It’s been many years of hard work building the best application platform as a service (APaaS) on the market. This past year marks one of our biggest years yet. Our company was acquired by leading UCaaS and CPaaS service provider Voyant.

We are still committed to delivering exceptional communications through our industry-leading real-time communications app platform, Cloud Softphone.

For the last 11 years, we’ve helped global enterprises, MVNOs, service providers, and software developers access high-quality voice, text, and video communications.

We’re proud of our accomplishments, and we are even more excited to have the opportunity to work with an established company like Voyant. The future looks bright for our company, its customers, and the millions of users that rely on our software every day.

And we’ve got something for you too.

That’s right, from the 15th of October to the 15th of December, we’d like to offer you


Are you looking to build your first white label VoIP softphone app? Anyone can take advantage of this limited time offer.

Thank you to everyone that has joined us on this amazing journey. We owe you a lot for supporting us through the years as we build the best real-time communications APaaS on the market.

There’s never been a better opportunity for you to get your communications app built. Our sales team can provide you with a free, personalized demo of our platform, its features, and to answer any questions that you may have about Cloud Softphone and our SDK.

Whether you are currently considering our services or want your very first app, let us show you how our feature-rich platform can empower your company’s communications. Use the button below to schedule your very own demo today!

See you at 12,

Rafael Torreblanca

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