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White Label Voip Bundles Cloud Softphone
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While the days of landline-based networks are pretty much a thing of the past, telecommunications is more important than ever. The vast majority of businesses are using VoIP systems to make and receive calls.

Internet-based phone systems offer unparalleled convenience, flexibility, and affordability. They allow people to work remotely without losing their “work phone,” and they allow businesses to operate in a more streamlined, organized fashion.

White Label Softphone Bundles Acrobits

At Cloud Softphone, we specialize in helping businesses get up and running with their own white label VoIP softphone system. We aim to help businesses transform their telecommunications system quickly and simply. We offer a range of app bundles that allow businesses to design and set up their very own softphone app.

Today, we’ll be discussing our three White Label bundles, which are among our most popular options. However, it’s worth noting that Cloud Softphone also offers additional bundle options to accommodate the diverse requirements of businesses. If you are looking to get started with a Cloud Softphone app for your business but don’t know where to start, this guide will help you find the best option for your company.

About the White Label Bundles

Once you’re set up with a Cloud Softphone account, you’ll be able to use our intuitive, simple interface to start creating an application. We offer seven different bundles for users (Updated July of 2024). Today, we will discuss the most populars.

Our White Label bundles allow users to design and build their own VoIP apps. These apps can then be released to your customers under your business’s name. Instead of hiring an app designer to build a VoIP app from scratch, these bundles will allow you to customize and release an app of your own.

With the installation package feature that comes with these bundles, you’ll be able to submit an application to the Apple App Store and to Android Google Play so that your customers can download the app straight onto their smartphones. Your brand will show up in stores as the developer of the app.

Acrobits Pricing And Products

Cloud Softphone White Label Features

  • Design and deploy a VoIP app with no need for coding
  • An app that works for mobile and desktop
  • User-friendly, intuitive design interface
  • High quality communications with audio and video capabilities
  • Additional features available including analytics, Apple CallKit, Web Callback, Location Reporter
  • 15-day trial
  • Ongoing tech support for clients
  • Support for push notifications
  • Picture and file transfer

Our three White Label bundles include the basic White Label, the Open White Label, and the High Security White Label options. While all three options offer the same basic features and user experience, each comes with its own unique features and selling points.

White Label, Open White Label, and High Security White Label: What’s Best?

White Label

The standard White Label option comes with a full range of design and user features, which can be seen in further detail here.


  • All Cloud Softphone features are available, pick and choose the ones that match your business needs
  • Make additional customizations to your app
  • Customize icon, app name, splash screens to personalize your app for customers
  • Fully branded to your company


Starting from $459/month with optional add-ons.

Why Choose White Label

  • Our standard White Label bundle is perfect for users who use one domain but need access to unlimited subdomains
  • Perfect for small to medium-sized businesses looking to create an app that can be widely released to customers
  • Ideal for businesses who wish to create a fully personalized app despite having little coding or design experience

Open White Label

Acrobits Products For Cloud Softphone

The Open White Label offers the same features and design capabilities as the regular White Label bundle. However, with this option, the app can be used with any SIP domain.


  • Same features as the white label version
  • This bundle can be used with any SIP domain
  • Per-seat licensing


Starting from $459/month with optional add-ons.

Why Choose Open White Label

  • This fully open SIP app has per-seat licensing if you need a VoIP app that can be used with PBX boxes that are hosted on customer’s premises
  • This bundle will allow you to switch between your SIP domains and IP addresses seamlessly if your customers have multiple servers or domains for their various customers
  • Ideal for larger international providers who operate across multiple IP addresses
  • Ideal for businesses who may wish to structure their business using a variety of domains while still using just one White Label

High Security White Label

For businesses that make customer security a top priority, the High Security White Label bundle is an excellent, reliable option.


  • This bundle bears similarities to the regular White Label package
  • Provides additional security for app users
  • Supports Cloud Softphone’s implementation of ZRTP, a cryptographic key-agreement protocol for P2P media encryption
  • Facilitates messaging and communication with third-parties during the initial provisioning process
  • If the communications of the app are Wiresharked, the app’s communications with the customer’s SIP server will be the only information that is visible, further protecting users


Starting from $599/month with optional add-ons.

Why Choose High Security White Label 

  • You need additional security to protect sensitive data
  • Ideal for businesses that deal with confidential information such as banks, financial institutions, government organizations, healthcare providers, and other companies with strict data management protocols

Beyond White Label: Exploring Other Cloud Softphone Bundles

While our White Label bundles are the most popular choices among our customers, Cloud Softphone offers additional bundle options to cater to the diverse needs of businesses. These bundles provide a range of features and pricing plans to suit various use cases and requirements.

Outgoing Only

The Outgoing Only bundle is designed for businesses whose users only need to make calls through the app, without the need to receive incoming calls.


  • Suitable for VoIP providers offering cheap outgoing calls to a large customer base
  • Flat fee pricing with no per-user costs


Starting from $120/month.

Why Choose Outgoing Only?

  • Ideal for businesses with a high volume of outgoing calls
  • Cost-effective solution for providers serving a large number of customers

Full Featured

The Full Featured bundle offers a comprehensive set of features, including the ability to receive incoming calls and access to advanced functionalities.


  • Supports both incoming and outgoing calls
  • Access to all possible features, including push notifications, video calls, transfers, and conferencing


Starting from $59/month, with a combination of a monthly flat fee and per-user license fee.

Why Choose Full Featured?

  • Perfect for businesses requiring a complete softphone solution
  • Ideal for companies needing advanced features like video calls and conferencing


The Enterprise bundle is tailored for providers with a large user base, offering all the features of the mobile apps along with conferencing capabilities.


  • Includes all features of the mobile apps and conferencing
  • Monthly flat-fee pricing model
  • Optional per-user fees for push notifications, conferencing, and contact sync (with the option to set up your own servers)


Starting from $399/month.

Why Choose Enterprise?

  • Suitable for large-scale providers with a substantial number of users
  • Cost-effective solution due to the monthly flat-fee pricing model

Video Conference

The Video Conference bundle offers a seamless video conferencing white label application for web, enabling the creation of dedicated meeting rooms for users and guests.


  • Create dedicated meeting rooms to share with users and guests
  • Supports up to 15 video users and 24 audio users in a conference room


Custom pricing based on specific requirements.

Why Choose Video Conference?

  • Ideal for businesses prioritizing video conferencing capabilities
  • Perfect for companies needing to host virtual meetings with multiple participants

These additional bundle options showcase the versatility of Cloud Softphone in meeting the diverse needs of businesses. Whether you require a simple outgoing calling solution or advanced video conferencing capabilities, Cloud Softphone has a bundle that can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Cloud Softphone: Softphone Bundles for Every Business Need

While our White Label bundles are the most popular among our customers, Cloud Softphone offers a wide range of solutions to meet the diverse needs of businesses. From basic outgoing calling functionality to advanced video conferencing capabilities, our bundles cater to various use cases and requirements.

Tailored Solutions for Your Business

Whether you opt for a White Label bundle or one of our other bundle options, Cloud Softphone provides user-friendly tools to create and deploy high-quality softphone applications without the need for coding or design expertise. We aim to help you find the perfect solution that aligns with your business goals and customer needs.

Cloud Softphone: White Labels Plans for All Your Softphone Needs

Cloud Softphone Bundles

Our White Label Softphone bundles give you and your business the opportunity to configure, design, test, and deploy a high quality SIP communications app under your own company name. With a full range of graphic customizations available, you’ll be able to create an app that shows off your business in its best light.

With three White Label bundles available, you’ll be able to select the option that suits your customers’ needs best. Whether you’re after a simpler softphone option or you need something that offers enhanced security, Cloud Softphone is here to help.

And the best part? You won’t have to learn a single thing about app coding or design! Find out more about our services or request a demo to get started.

Build a white label softphone app

Create a custom white-label softphone with Cloud Softphone.

  • No devs needed
  • Native desktop apps
  • 100+ premium features
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