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Why Your Business Needs a Custom Softphone App

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Custom softphones are something that more businesses need to take advantage of. More and more companies are transitioning to customized unified communications solutions to meet the needs of their growing company. Your organization no longer needs to rely on several programs to communicate. A custom softphone can offer text, video, file sharing, and other functionality through one platform.

Does your company currently rely on several apps to communicate?

If you do, you’re all too familiar with the fragmented, inefficient, and confusing nature of business communications.

We’ve seen VoIP and cloud-based services eclipse landline phones in many workplaces. But with UCaaS, businesses can create custom softphones and improve both the accessibility and efficiency of their communications.

What is a Custom Softphone?

What’s a Custom Softphone, Anyway?

You’ve probably heard us chat about custom softphones before, but let’s dive into what they really are. Think of a custom softphone as your business’s communication Swiss Army knife. It’s an app tailored just for your team, combining texts, video calls, file sharing – you name it, all in one spot.

So, why go custom?

Because it means you’re not juggling a bunch of different apps to talk or collaborate. With a custom softphone, everything’s right where you need it, designed to fit how your team works best.

And the cool part? These aren’t just for the tech giants. Businesses of all sizes are getting in on the action, crafting their own softphones to make life easier and keep everyone connected, no matter where they are. It’s all about making your collaboration tools as unique and efficient as your team is.

Why Have More Than 50% of Companies Switched to Custom Softphones? Here are 5 Key Reasons

There’s no denying that UCaaS trends and adoption are on the rise. It’s one of the many reasons why marketing departments, IT groups, and business management are demanding to switch to softphones. Here are 5 of the most compelling reasons:

1. Extra Features

Many softphone providers throw in additional features not found on traditional landlines and VoIP programs. Get your customers to the right department faster through automated receptionists and call routing or keep every employee on the same page with a centralized file system.

2. Scalability

Need more features or want to add more users? With UCaaS, you don’t have to wait for new hardware to be installed. Since everything is software-based and updated online, your communications network can be upgraded or downsized according to your needs quickly and inexpensively.

New businesses that are continually growing at unpredictable rates will love the expandability of custom softphone apps. Even larger ones who must deal with staffing fluctuations, seasonal work, unexpected ramp-ups in sales, or mergers can benefit in the same way.

3. VoIP Security

Security patches are often issued quickly by your provider in the cloud, and cloud-based services are experienced in monitoring and dealing with digital threats. Without the weight of cybersecurity on your mind, you can focus on your own workflow and keeping your customers satisfied.

4. Predictable Pricing

Ever received unexpected long-distance or overage charges on your phone bill? Avoid them with a predictable flat-rate from UCaaS. Simple payment plans are easier for the accounting department to deal with and give you more room to work with when organizing the budget.

5. No Support Staff Needed

Maintaining your own communication systems is costly. You don’t have to worry about providing support for a unified communications system. Your UCaaS provider will provide updates, bug fixes, and other support as needed, meaning there’s no need to pay for extra support staff.

And since upgrading in-house business communication networks is notoriously expensive, the lower operating cost of UCaaS makes it an attractive option for many companies.

Why Do Employees Love Custom Softphones?

The most significant benefits of a softphone upgrade goes directly to the employees who will enjoy the more straightforward operation and additional flexibility.

  • Because they are entirely Internet-based, devices running UCaaS software can be used almost anywhere. Employees can communicate and attend meetings from any physical location, reducing the need for travel.
  • Employees working remotely can still interact cohesively with clients and business partners regardless of where they are or what devices they’re carrying.
  • The unification of multiple communication methods into a single service means more streamlined collaboration with other team members. This can result in improved productivity and more sales.

Making the Switch Is Easy

Stop relying on outdated landline systems and a collection of apps for your business communications. UCaaS offers an easier way for your business to communicate effectively using custom softphones. With a customized UCaaS platform, you can build the communication system your business needs.

In our next post, we’re going to explore the organizational impact that a white label VoIP softphone platform like Cloud Softphone can have on your company.

You won’t believe the difference a custom softphone can make when it comes to productivity, communication efficiency, and cost savings.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Talk to one of our sales experts today!

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