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Have you heard of Over-The-Top  (OTT) solutions?

How is your business integrating mobile? As a wireline cable provider, you’ve more than likely already implemented triple play packages. Combo packages that include Internet, TV, and telephone have existed for many years. These packages have been not only profitable, but also well received by consumers.

With mobile usage dominating all metrics in the market, cable providers must find new ways to offer value-added services that allow them to integrate their existing services. Obtaining a mobile network operator or mobile virtual network operator license isn’t feasible for most companies. These licenses costs millions, require an extensive investment in equipment and infrastructure, and a developed brand that can justify such a large investment. 

For local and regional cable providers, these costs are not feasible. Your company may not have the capital, tools, or backend needed to cater to the mobile market. But there are different ways you can take advantage of this lucrative segment. Over-the-top (OTT) services are one solution that cable providers can tap into because they are accessible and require far less capital expenditure to deploy. 

Cable providers can use a platform like Cloud Softphone to augment their customer’s mobile phones to take advantage of their telephone and TV services and offer a rewarding experience that also combines video calls, file transfers, rich texting, and more.

Why Now Is the Right Time to Implement an Over-the-top Solution

Smartphones are the dominant form of communication. Your customers are using their smartphones to talk, text, shop, browse the Internet, and to consume media. Global smartphone sales reached
1.4 billion units in 2018, with Apple and Samsung each commanding around 18% of the total market.

Smartphone dependency exists, with over 66% of smartphone users saying they are addicted to their phones. Your customers have smartphones, they are using them, and you need to implement OTT solutions that allow you to deliver an exceptional customer experience on mobile too. And with the premium services you’re already offering, you can satisfy that need with the right backend.

“An industry player can’t survive long term with just a fixed-line- or mobile-only strategy; it has to be integrated services,” HKBN CEO William Yeung Chu-kwong told the South China Morning Post, adding, “For this financial year, we will focus on revenue growth … and mobile will help us a lot to be more competitive in the corporate market.”

Your customers want value-added services that offer them significant savings, consistent service, and the ability to engage with content that interests them. An OTT solution like Cloud Softphone allows you to increase the value you offer your customers through a customized experience, boosting brand loyalty, and enabling you to take advantage of an additional revenue stream.

Why Cloud Softphone Is the Right Choice for Operators

Cloud Softphone enables cable providers to improve their service packages by offering value-added services for your customer’s mobile devices. Cable providers all across the globe have already deployed our modular platform because it’s simple to use, delivers on quality, and is something that your customers will enjoy using.

Here’s what you get when you deploy your own customized version of Cloud Softphone:

  • Extremely easy to build your mobile app and integrate it. You can design, build, and deploy your app within a few hours. Our entire feature set uses an a-la-carte model that lets you pick and pay for only the features you choose.
  • Add new features at any time. Adapt to changing market conditions by upgrading your existing mobile app. You only have to pay for new features that you add and never for any that you remove.
  • Save hundreds of thousands on development costs. Developing your own real-time communications app is expensive. Cloud Softphone reduces overhead expenses like development teams, support staff, and more.
  • Full-support and updates for all devices. You never have to worry about compatibility and updates. Our team provides same-day updates for Android and iOS and are there to support you whenever needed.
  • Transparent fee structure. There are no hidden fees with our Over-the-top solution. You only pay for your initial setup, any features you select, and a modest monthly fee for ongoing support and updates.

It’s never been easier for cable providers to gain access to customers that were previously unavailable to them.

Create an Integrated Mobile Experience That Your Customers Want to Use

It’s not enough to implement a subpar mobile experience. Your customer satisfaction rates will suffer if you promise a seamless experience and fail to deliver on that promise. Cable providers that can build the right mobile ecosystem will see massive benefits.

Here are a few of the benefits that your customers will receive:

  • Enhanced functionality that’s unobtrusive. Our OTT solution provides all the functionality your customers expect without any of the drawbacks. Cloud Softphone offers an unobtrusive experience that will seem familiar to other popular apps that they are already using. 
  • One bill, large discounts. Implementing a value-added service like Cloud Softphone allows you to offer significant discounts to your customers through a single, standardized billing cycle. You can easily offer premium discounts, promotions, and other benefits to users that enroll for all of your services.
  • Enjoy a feature-rich experience. OTT solutions like ours offer a variety of features that your customers will enjoy. From talk, text, video conferences, file transfer, encryption, and more, there is no shortage of features that you can add to your mobile softphone application.

By deploying an Over-the-top platform like Cloud Softphone, you can greatly increase your customer satisfaction, retention rates, and have the ability to tap into a new revenue stream.

Make the Jump from Triple Play to Quadruple Play

Now, it’s easier than ever for you to offer an integrated mobile experience that pairs well with your existing services. Cloud Softphone is powered by high-quality audio and video codecs, an award-winning encryption stack, and a development team that has been developing real-time communications solutions since the arrival of the original iPhone.

Significantly increase your revenues with seamless mobile integration.

Book your demo with Cloud Softphone today!

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