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A Real-Time Communications App That Grows With Your Business

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Every business needs a mobile app. In today’s digital era, technology supercharges internal and external communications — cloud-based softphone apps enhance productivity, empower the customer experience, and improve your bottom line. But there’s more to the story.

Companies today know the true value of a real-time communications app. Especially with the recent surge in remote work, mobile apps have become the new standard for businesses worldwide. Apps keep team members and clients connected, no matter where they are. But as businesses grow, trends evolve, and needs change — will UCaaS and VoIP solutions be able to keep up?

The short answer? Definitely. Cloud-based technologies are infinitely flexible — perfect for a communications landscape that’s constantly shifting. At Acrobits, we’re more than familiar with how quick technology evolves. White label softphone apps themselves were once mere modifications of traditional phones — our company helped mold them into the sophisticated platforms they are today.

So, how do softphone apps do it? What makes Cloud Softphone effortlessly scalable and future-proof?

Keeping up With the Competition

Physical hardware is heavy. Clouds, on the other hand, weigh practically nothing. Likewise, cloud-based communications solutions aren’t weighed down by inflexible and outdated infrastructure.

The truth is, hardware and dedicated lines are a burden to businesses. Ensuring compatibility before purchase, installation, and upkeep are all time-consuming and expensive processes. That’s why businesses that want to stay competitive have long moved past the limitations of physical hardware — and have done away with day-to-day phone system maintenance completely.

With softphone apps, small businesses can keep up with their well-established counterparts by accessing premium features that were once off-limits due to a lack of resources. Larger firms benefit, too — technical staff can focus on bigger and better projects.

No matter the size of the business, cost-savings from softphone solutions can be reinvested into marketing campaigns, new offices, and other objectives. Our real-time communications app keeps you competitive on all fronts.

Growing Your Business the Right Away

Ideas about business growth are often vague (“go global”) or outdated (“expand onto the Internet”). The truth is, non-strategic growth is more often counterproductive than productive. As your business balloons, so do your costs. Worst case scenario, you end up making the same amount despite ramped-up efforts.

As your business grows, will your on-premise phone system be able to move as quickly as you need it to? Most businesses aren’t willing to eat the cost of new hardware and ongoing maintenance. But there’s an even bigger problem.

Expanding your business operations means you’ll be relying on your communications systems more than ever. Will your legacy equipment be able to handle increased demand without expensive upgrades? Probably not. At this point, it seems like a lose-lose situation.

That’s where cloud-based solutions like Cloud Softphone come in.

Softphone apps allow your business to scale up or down at a moment’s notice while eliminating the need for expensive hardware or any ongoing preservation methods. And there’s more. Here’s what a softphone solution can do for your business:

  • Experience total flexibility. Cloud Softphone is 100% customizable to your business needs. Upgrade your customer experience while only paying for features you need. 
  • Streamline communications. Let your users communicate however they want, whenever they want, without ever bouncing between applications, platforms, or devices.
  • Maintain top-notch security. Data security is more important than ever. Stay compliant and protect your business from costly lawsuits with end-to-end encryption.
  • Scale effortlessly. Add or remove users in a matter of seconds without interfering with or developing new infrastructure.

Softphone apps leverage cloud technology, allowing your business to meet spikes in demand whenever necessary and with the click of a button. You even have the option of scaling down to cut costs during your off-season.

Cloud Softphone was built to scale. Our transparent pricing model never asks you to compromise on functionality. Unlike pre-packaged bundles that force you to pay for firepower you might not need at the moment, Cloud Softphone lets you pick and pay for only the features that you need.

Tap Into the Richest Feature Set on the Market — At Your Own Pace

From the very beginning, softphones were designed to improve user experience. As pioneers in the communications industry, Acrobits has stayed on top of the latest tech trends, engineering, and integrating new features at every turn.

We offer every advanced feature your business needs — on top of the features you’ll need in the future. Our modular design lets you choose from features like:

  • • Push notifications
  • • Enhanced encryption
  • • Text and rich messaging
  • • Call and video conferencing
  • • File transfer
  • • Call forward and transfers
  • • API functionality
  • • Simplified external provisioning
  • • Smart contracts
  • • Multi-platform compatibility
  • • And more!

As your business needs evolve, so should your communications. As an example, with the work-from-home movement in full swing, features like file transfer, call and video conferencing, and cross-platform compatibility enable your organization to collaborate seamlessly, no matter where your team members are situated.

With Cloud Softphone, adding advanced features never calls for an in-house development team, or ongoing maintenance costs — simply tell us what you want, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Enable Seamless Communication That Scales With Cloud Softphone

The Acrobits development team works around the clock to make sure our clients experience the best that cloud technology has to offer. As an industry-leading real-time communications app, Cloud Softphone has provided businesses of all sizes with the ideal real-time communications solution that scales whenever necessary.

Are you interested in a fully-customizable app that grows with your business? Get in touch with a member of the Cloud Softphone team today.

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