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The Ultimate Guide For Reselling UCaaS Platforms

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With a growth rate of 29% per year, the UCaaS market is booming. The benefits are clear — UCaaS platforms reduce costs, offer unlimited scalability, and provide much-needed relief from maintaining on-premise communications technology.

With the work-from-home movement in full swing, there’s no better time to offer UCaaS to your customers. All of us in the tech industry know that UCaaS has the upper hand over on-premise systems. As a UCaaS provider, it’s your job to let your customers know just how much UCaaS can save them in time and money.

So, What’s the Secret Behind Successful UCaaS Resellers?

Every successful UCaaS reseller understands their customer’s business, pain points, and true needs. Resellers evaluate the obstacles a business has in its way, recommending the right UCaaS solutions for the job. Luckily, we’ve done the legwork and put together a comprehensive guide that’ll help you do just that.

1. Making UCaaS Platforms Scalable With Minimal Cost or Effort

It’s not a sweeping generalization to assume that most businesses expect growth. When a business grows, so must its systems. UCaaS solutions offer the unique advantage of total scalability. Scaling up or down is a matter of adding or removing users, which can be done at a moment’s notice. This is especially true for APaaS systems, which come with robust API capabilities that allow more flexibility when upgrading.

UCaaS eliminates the need to purchase new servers or compatible hardware whenever your customers expand their operations. For those of your customers that offer seasonal goods and services, UCaaS allows them to scale downwards to save money in the offseason. Likewise, your customers can scale upwards to meet higher demand whenever necessary.

Total scalability is one of the most attractive aspects of UCaaS platforms. The ability to manage business locations worldwide and alter the number of users without investing in infrastructure is definitely worth the investment — and is a major selling point for providers.

becoming ucaas reseller

2. Staying Competitive by Giving Customers What They Want

No matter what industry you’re in, customer experience is everything. At Acrobits, for example, we’ve built an all-in-one UCaaS platform that’s white-label-ready, taps into the richest feature set on the market, and is 100% customizable. Using our white-label softphone platform, UCaaS providers can build brand recognition by providing customers with an enterprise-level softphone engine that adapts to their every need.

What do your customers want — and how can UCaaS meet those needs? UCaaS platforms like Cloud Softphone are versatile, feature-rich, and flexible enough to have a wide range of applications. With UCaaS, your customers can upgrade the way they communicate, both internally and externally.

Are your customers interested in enabling a solution that’s remote and work-friendly? Draw attention to how UCaaS enables seamless collaboration anytime, anywhere in the world. Features like video conferencing, file transfer, call forwarding, and others, take full advantage of cloud technology to streamline real-time communications.

Staying Competitive in a Fast-Phaced Industry

Furthermore, you’ll need to ally with a white-label provider that stays up to date with the new technology that is rapidly being presented to the public, this is key to staying competitive. New feature? Aim to have it as quickly as possible. At Acrobits, we’re not only pioneers in many industry-standard features, we constantly innovate, book here your 1-1 free demo to see how we do it.

3. Take Full Advantage of an Extensive Feature Set

Believe in your product. UCaaS providers need access to a feature-rich platform that works. The value of a robust real-time communications platform speaks for itself — each feature that UCaaS offers has the potential to improve customer experience or enhance productivity.

Here are a few examples of features that UCaaS providers should highlight when pitching to potential customers:

  • Support for Android, iOS, macOS X, and Windows: Point out how cross-platform support provides seamless user experience and enables remote work. Emphasize the growing demand for cross-platform, multi-device accessibility.
  • Push notifications: Push notifications are more than just pop-ups on your smartphone. When used strategically, they’re one of the most effective ways to boost engagement, turn inactive users into active ones, and build brand loyalty.
  • Advanced encryption: Many businesses, especially those in sensitive industries like healthcare, shy away from UCaaS out of data security fears. Alleviate your customers’ compliance concerns with best-in-class encryption offered through Cloud Softphone.
  • Call and video conferencing: Features like audio and video calls, file transfer, and instant messages enable connectivity where businesses need it most. Keep teams in sync and customers satisfied with crystal clear quality and convenience — with every collaborative function in one location—there’s never any need to juggle multiple apps.

Cloud Softphone offers a wide variety of advanced softphone features, from online faxing to voicemail to email transcription. A UCaaS platform worth selling never stops short of providing customers with the full functionality they desire, from call management features like visual voicemail to specialized services like automated receptionists.

4. Offload Development Costs With a Proven Platform

In the digital age we find ourselves in, apps are a must-have for businesses that want to stay competitive. But building your own real-time communications platform from scratch is far from easy or cheap.

Businesses today are focused on reaping the benefits of cutting-edge technology without paying full price. That’s where UCaaS comes in. A powerful UCaaS platform lets businesses take advantage of a fully customized mobile app without paying for:

  • An in-house team of developers
  • Customer-facing tech support
  • Ongoing maintenance

Cloud Softphone takes care of its clients from app development to app maintenance. Not only do we offer a premium feature set — but we also allow you to duplicate your base app to branch into new services, creating every variation you want. We engineer new features on a rolling basis and give you as many testing opportunities as you need before launching.

Cloud Softphone also makes it easy for you to clone existing apps, letting you create fully customized versions for clients based on their unique needs. This added benefit comes at no cost to you and is part of our standard white-label package.

So, there you have it, follow these tips to ensure your journey as a UCaaS reseller is profitable and directed toward growth. Many of these suggestions seem simple, yet some are hard to balance within a portfolio of UCaaS services. Do not hesitate to contact the Acrobits team, we’re always ready to help.

Empower Your Customer Experience With Cloud Softphone

Since 2008, Cloud Softphone has deployed more than 140 million endpoints. Established companies like Cisco, Digium, and Broadsoft have trusted our technology to develop their own UCaaS and isolated VoIP solutions.

Cloud Softphone scales with ease, taps into the richest feature set on the market, and is compatible across platforms and devices. Provide your customers with the seamless user experience they crave while easing their anxieties with end-to-end encryption.

Are you interested in leveraging an award-winning UCaaS platform? Get in touch with a member of the Cloud Softphone team today.

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