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Is Your Collaboration Suite Built for the Modern Customer Experience?

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The whole reason that your company has a unified communications suite is so it can create an easier way for your customers and employees to connect with one another.

But how can you encourage them to keep using it? The best approach is to create a seamless customer experience that’s both fun and engaging.

In today’s blog, we’re going to go over ways you can keep your collaboration suite fun, as well as what features to look for to know it will be easy to use.

Is Your Collaboration Suite Actually Fun to Use?

When you think of getting a unified communications suite for your company, your first instinct isn’t to wonder whether it’s “fun” to use.

Yet, you want to ensure that both employees and customers enjoy using it and that there’s something to keep them engaged and interested in actually using it.

Gamification: Why You Need It

A great way to do this is through gamification. Gamification is an approach that uses game design principles in normal settings. Any app that “rewards” you for logging in, completing tasks, or offers similar outcomes is using gamification.

In UCaaS, this could mean adding in little features like GIFs, emojis, avatars, and themes (to name a few). When these are added in, users can discover new ways to communicate with one another and enjoy what they’re using even more.

That’s why apps like TikTok and YouTube continue to serve as further inspiration for future communications suites and updates for things like AR, virtual backgrounds, and more. Gamification is a powerful feature that can turn an ordinary app into something fun.

Working with a fully customizable suite gives you the ability to add in some of the above features. It’s one of the easiest ways to build a company culture.

What Should You Look for in a Collaboration Suite?

There are certain features to look out for when choosing a collaboration suite, and you want to make sure you’re getting the one that’s best for your business, employees, and customers. In fact, using a communications suite has been proven to increase work performance by over 13%, and can save up to $1,900 per employee.

That’s why it’s important that it’s easy for them to use, so they remain using it. Here are some key features that every easy-to-use communications suite has:

Multi-Device Compatibility (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac)

Being fun and intuitive isn’t enough on its own. You also need to ensure your users can access the platform. And with so many devices and smartphones available today—multi-device support isn’t optional anymore.

Your employees may be working from home, on the go, or in the office using a personal laptop, desktop, or smart device.

“Don’t limit who can use your app by restricting it to a single operating system. Creating a complete experience means providing access to everyone, regardless of their device.”

Reliable & Knowledgeable Customer Support

Another aspect you should be looking for is: “Do they have good customer service?”

When requesting a demo, you can get an idea of their customer service. But, you also want to know that if you can’t figure something out, you’ll have someone who’s got your back and will reach out to you quickly.

Look for a provider that offers reliable customer support. You never know when you may need to troubleshoot an issue, explore a newly released feature, or figure out the best way to integrate a new API.

All of these things are incredibly important, and you never want to feel left in the dark when you find yourself needing help.


Your network needs to always be reliable, so you can best serve your customers. When you have a communications suite that has a VoWifi feature, it allows your users to make calls using their WiFi connection.

This means if their signal drops, they have a backup option to still communicate, which is a must-have feature today.

Collaboration-Friendly Features

Throughout the course of a day, your employees will send many messages, share files, make calls, and collaborate through video calls. You need a tool that allows your employees to collaborate on their terms.

And trust us, your employees care about this stuff. 75% of employees say teamwork and collaboration are “very important” to them. Almost 80% of businesses are using collaboration tools to enhance business processes. For many companies, collaboration is quickly turning into a competitive advantage.

So, what are the most popular collaboration features?

  • • Direct and group messaging
  • • Voice and video calls
  • • File sharing
  • • Social news feeds
  • • Team spaces
  • • And more…

Call, Messaging, and Push Notifications

Having high-quality audio and video conferencing capabilities is another way to tell if your collaboration suite is built for the modern user experience. After all, the last thing that you need is an app that drops your calls, leaving you with frustrated team members and customers.

Any collaboration tool you integrate or build should include the essential features users are most familiar with, including rich messaging, push notifications, call transfer, and more.

“The modern customer experience is all about striking the perfect balance between usability, familiarity, and innovation. With the right collaboration tool, you can do all three.”

Build a Collaboration Suite for the Modern Workplace With Cloud Softphone

The goal of any collaboration tool is to bring people together, whether that’s internal employees or customers. The modern workplace is all about accessible and dynamic communications. It’s also something that users expect.

Are you looking to build the next best collaboration platform? Get a communications suite that’s both fun and easy to use for your team with white label VoIP Cloud Softphone. Book a demo to see why our industry-leading platform has been deployed to over 140+ million endpoints.

There’s no denying the workplace benefits collaboration offers. Whether it’s solving the remote work challenge, increasing employee retention, or streamlining communications, collaboration suites offer a lot of value.

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