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10 Reasons to Add a Unified Communications Solution to Your Business

Reasons To Add Ucaas
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Communication is one of the most important things to keep in mind when running your business. Having seamless collaboration within your team is crucial for any business.

In a day and age when competition is at an all-time high, and the world needs to adapt to new changes continually, the last thing you need is poor communication and teamwork within your organization.

Collaborative techniques can improve worker productivity by up to 30%. That’s why it’s more important than ever to have the right collaboration suite. Additionally, 68% of businesses say they prefer a single-pane-of-glass communication solution; it’s no wonder UCaaS is a must-have today.

Keeping track of everything you need to do and handling all the different forms of communication is a challenge, and that challenge extends to every employee in your company. That’s where a unified communications solution comes into play.

How can UCaaS communication and collaboration suites benefit your business? Keep reading to learn important reasons your business needs a unified communications solution.

“Your team will always know exactly which communication method to use to reach each other. There’s no searching through emails and apps to find people since all communications take place in one location.”

1. You Only Have One System to Manage

Rather than wasting time managing several different systems, a unified communications solution solves that problem by all your communications in one place.

This simplified solution makes life easier for your staff, yourself, and IT when you only have one system to use, compared to managing and maintaining several different ones.

2. Improves Employee Onboarding and Productivity

Every business will have new employees at some point. And with new employees comes new training. However, when working remotely or even in the office, it can be hard always to give new employees the time and attention needed to get up to speed.

Yet, when you use a seamless collaboration suite, your employees can better connect and communicate with one another. Rapid communication is vital for setting up training sessions amongst different teams or following up to ensure the new employees understand their tasks and complete them on time.

The benefits continue after a new hire is caught up to speed. Seamless collaboration is one of the easiest ways to boost productivity. A unified communications solution makes it easier for your staff to get in touch with one another during and even after work hours.

3. Saves Time by Improving Collaboration

When you have just one system to communicate within your business, it saves time for everyone. Improved collaboration throughout your teams allows them to work together and effectively focus on essential tasks.

Empowering all your employees to communicate through the same platform, and no time is lost due to miscommunications from trying to talk through other platforms.

Why’s that? Rather than spending time trying to reach people, looking for lost files, having meetings glitch out, or getting delayed messages, a collaboration suite reduces wasted time and, in turn, creates greater productivity within your business.

4. Enhanced Security

When you have a unified communications solution, you have better security for your business communications. Your calls and communications flow through the platform, meaning everything is encrypted. In a world where cybersecurity threats are lurking, added data privacy is essential.

5. More Cost-Efficient and Improves Employee Retention

When you have several different communication platforms for your employees, you’re paying for several different communication platforms. That’s wasted money that could be used to grow the business. Instead, you only pay for one UCaaS platform, so your costs remain predictable. On top of that, you can typically bundle and save when you get all your communications needs from one company.

Another way UCaaS platforms are cost-effective is by improving employee retention, an often overlooked aspect of employee retention. Taking the time to hire and set up interviews is a long and tedious process that uses company time, money, and resources that could be better used to grow the business.

Enhanced collaboration with your team brings your employees a sense of belonging and team spirit. Being able to still connect with others, even for work, during COVID restrictions can have a great impression on them.

Reaching goals together as a team and seeing client victories through collaboration platforms creates a sense of togetherness. It encourages your employees to want to work more together, and that can be done via a seamless collaboration work experience.

6. Improves Your Customer Service

When your business misses a call or has poor communication service for your customers, that can cost you. Remember, it takes years to build a reputation and only seconds to lose it.

You can provide a consistent and predictable customer experience by using a unified communications solution for your business.

Not only that, but the information that goes to your call center can also be redirected to other departments seamlessly, thus improving your business efficiency.

7. Provides Business Continuity

When an emergency or disaster strikes your business, the last thing you need is for employees to be confused or even get hurt due to miscommunications. A UCaaS platform eliminates the risk of miscommunication during an emergency, ensuring everyone is connected and ready to respond.

8. Speeds Up Your Internal Communications

You have one employee messaging you on one communication platform and others messaging you through another. At the end of the day, you’re managing several different forms of communication with your employees and struggling to keep up.

Communicating within a business should be easy, not another job for you. Having just one unified communications solution can speed up your internal communications and focus on more significant tasks at hand.

9. Improves Remote Working

Remote work isn’t new — it’s just become a way of life for most businesses today. However, for remote work to work, your team needs to have the right collaboration suite in place.

With a unified communications solution, employees who are working remotely can still easily answer emails, phone calls, send messages, and share files while not in the office.

Remote workers can also quickly hop on a team conference call from the comfort of their homes without missing a beat. That level of connectivity is made easy when you have a single UCaaS solution.

“If you want your business to navigate the world of remote work effectively, you need to have a collaboration suite.”

10. Gives You a Competitive Advantage

Unified communications solutions have been adopted by several companies over the years. UCaaS platforms have been growing at a rate of 29% per year, which is incredible.

But suppose you want to keep up with your competition. In that case, you need the tools needed to compete, which is why a unified communications solution gives you a competitive advantage.

Cloud Softphone: All the Tools You Need to Create a Collaborative Workplace

Adopting a UCaaS platform provides powerful business benefits. Collaboration suites offer much value, whether solving the remote work challenge, streamlining communications, or improving business continuity.

Are you interested in improving the way your teams collaborate? Book a discovery call with one of our UCaaS experts to discover how white label VoIP Cloud Softphone’s collaboration suite can transform your teams’ communication and collaboration.

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