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Mobile apps aren’t optional anymore, but the cost of building a mobile app yourself is high. So, what can you do to level the playing field? The answer: use a white label softphone app. 

White label softphone apps are one of the easiest ways to improve the user experience and maintain feature parity while staying on budget.

In the digital age we live in, providing your customers with a real-time communications system doesn’t set you apart from your competition — it keeps you in the competition. Mobile apps enable businesses of all sizes to engage one-on-one with customers, widen their audience, and ultimately drive sales.

A white label UCaaS solution offers all the functionality and personal touches of an app built from scratch, only without spending hundreds or thousands of hours on development and support.

A white label softphone app carves your unique identity within the market by delivering the exceptional user experience your customers crave. Here are six reasons why a white label communications app is the secret to seamless digital experience.

1. Maximum Control and Functionality     

Pick and pay for only the features that you want. Don’t offer your customers an app that’s passably functional — build a real-time communications platform that’s fully customized to your business needs. 

When deciding on a softphone provider, opt for the one that provides the richest feature set on the market and never forces you to settle for features you’ll never need. Keep an eye out for the following features you should be able to choose from: 

  • Push notifications
  • Rich messaging 
  • File transfer 
  • Call forward and transfers 
  • Videoconferencing 
  • API functionality 
  • Smart contacts 
  • And more! 

Pick a provider with more than just a robust feature set — check for top-notch security and compatibility across devices and other formats. 

Never settle for less advanced features, and never pay for anything you don’t need. 

2. Feature Parity 

Keep up with your biggest competitors, no matter how small you are. Match the advanced features that more established companies are putting out without hiring your own team of software engineers and UX designers. Nail your niche alongside excellent customer experience — all without breaking the bank.  

Licensing a custom softphone app saves you money while letting you compete with the endless resources of top competitors. Choose a service provider that lets you grow at your own pace while staying on top of the latest tech trends. 

You no longer need bottomless funds and IT expertise to remain competitive. 

3. Improved Time to Market 

Building an app from scratch takes months. Even with a high-quality development team working under you, apps aren’t born in an instant — that is, until now. 

A mobile communications app is one of the most complex apps to create — building one is far from a week-long project. But with a brandable softphone app, you can fast forward through the costly and drawn-out process of app development, from hiring top talent away from tech giants to the actual time it takes to construct a fully-functional platform from the ground up. With a white label UCaaS provider, you can have a completely customized mobile communications solution up and running in as little as an hour. 

Provide your customers with the end-to-end encryption, crystal-clear audio and video capabilities, and cross-platform compatibility that they long for—in a matter of minutes and not months. A reliable provider can even list your app for you so that you don’t have to worry about complex rules and best practices.  

Don’t set your launch date months from now, especially when mobile solutions are in demand today. Deploy your app immediately — and with lower upfront costs. 

4. Seamless Branding Opportunities

You’ve worked hard to cultivate your own brand — why hide behind another? Provide your customers with well-rounded functionality and a seamless experience while building your own brand.

White label solutions allow you to fully rebrand the services under your own label — it’s like writing your name on a blank name tag — letting you earn customer loyalty and boost brand visibility without bearing the costly burden of development. 

White label softphone apps are ready when you are — they’re designed to integrate seamlessly with your business as soon as possible. And although you’re not responsible for the work that goes into creating your app, you never have to sacrifice operational autonomy. Your customer data — including price points, payments, bills, and sensitive information — are never managed or handled by your provider. 

5. Offload Support Costs   

The costs associated with bringing an app into the world don’t end when that app is listed on the App Store. In fact, it’s normal for the cost of ongoing support and maintenance to accumulate over the years to the point where it surpasses development costs altogether. 

You may be wondering: Why do apps need ongoing support? Here are a few reasons: 

  • Server hosting 
  • Ensuring a stable experience across all supported iOS versions, Windows, and tens of thousands of Android devices 
  • Surveilling for bugs and exploits 
  • Renewing licenses 
  • Customer-facing tech support 

With a white label softphone provider, you’re never alone. You have a full team of software engineers and IT professionals at your service without incurring the costs of hiring in-house.

6. Scale and Adapt to Meet Changing Demands

The way we communicate is constantly changing. Softphones themselves have long evolved past their original goal of upgrading traditional phones — and are now agile platforms with highly advanced and unforeseen functionalities. 

Change is the norm—not only for technology but for customers’ expectations of it. Partnering with a UCaaS provider at the forefront of the industry lets you stay abreast of ever-evolving trends and leave a lasting impression on your customers. 

Take, for example, how Acrobits responded to the surge of remote work in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the demand for collaborative software rose to unprecedented peaks, we did our research and integrated Jitsi’s open-source collection of video conferencing tools. 

Cloud Softphone: A Feature-Rich and Fully Customizable Experience for Your Customers

Launch your feature-rich mobile communications app as soon as possible with Cloud Softphone. Take advantage of our award-winning platform to maintain control over your branding and improve your customer experience. 

Here’s what Cloud Softphone can do for your business:

  • Access to the richest feature set on the market 
  • A transparent pricing model where you pick and pay for the features you want—and nothing else 
  • A fully scalable platform
  • As many testing opportunities as you want 
  • Seamless mobile and desktop-readiness 
  • Integratable web app functionality 

Save hundreds of thousands on development costs and access an industry-leading platform that’s deployed over 140 million endpoints and is trusted by companies around the world. Don’t wait months — deploy your premium VoIP solution as soon as possible. 

Get in touch with a member of the Cloud Softphone team today to schedule your 15-minute demo. 

Cloud Softphone: A Fully Customizable and Feature-Rich Softphone

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