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Cloud Softphone: A White-Label Softphone App for B2B Businesses

White Label Softphone App On Imac
$500k+ for a custom softphone app?
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B2B-based businesses need more than just advanced functionality, they need brandable solutions that build professionalism. Branding plays a large part in how recognizable a company is. According to Circle Research, 77% of B2B marketing leaders say branding is critical to growth, with only 39% of B2B companies having a clearly defined brand strategy. Companies with consistent branding often appear more professional and organized, which can improve customer confidence in your products and services.

Developing and building your own softphone engine, SIP client, or VoIP functionality is extremely expensive. For small and medium-sized businesses, spending tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on an app isn’t an option. Yet, these businesses still need to focus on their branding efforts in whatever products and services they offer.

Cloud Softphone provides B2B companies with an enterprise-level softphone engine that is white-label ready, packed with the richest feature set on the market, and adapts to the needs of your business.

Reduce the Number of Apps You Need

B2B businesses rely on tools to help them stay organized, communicate, and complete daily tasks. KBV Research predicts that the software as a service (SaaS) market will reach $185.8 billion by 2024. But with so many SaaS platforms on the market, businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to centralize all of these services.

Cloud Softphone adds value through every step of the process by eliminating the number of apps that you need to rely on by offering many of the same features in one app. When building your app, you can choose the features that you need and opt to add additional features at a later date. Cloud Softphone keeps up-to-date with the latest VoIP and telecommunications trends. That way you can run a lean and agile business that isn’t bogged down by dozens of unnecessary apps.

And for any essential apps that your business needs, you can integrate them into your Cloud Softphone app using an API.

All The Tools You Need to Elevate Your Business

When building your app with Cloud Softphone, you can pick and choose the features that appeal to you most. Whether you need customizable interfaces, DIDs, callerID, or something else, our web interface offers you unparalleled flexibility and easy configuration.

Fully-Customizable Interfaces

No two businesses are the same. Cloud Softphone lets you boost your brand with fully-customizable interfaces making it truly white label softphone solution. You can quickly build and design your own unique interface, select the features your business needs, and deliver a customized, branded experience.

Configure and Modify PBX Features

There’s no more need to use bulky analog phone systems or a handful of apps for communication. With Cloud Softphone, you can streamline all of the features you need in one convenient location. Our VoIP technology is easy to configure and modify with standard PBX features like CRM integration, internal messaging, voice and video calls, visual voicemail, and more.

The Most Flexible Softphone Engine Ever

Professionalism and quality of service matter to your customers. Cloud Softphone is a white-label softphone engine that is flexible. Even smaller businesses and independent contractors can use our services to build professional-looking services to impress their customers. Take advantage of enterprise-level features and functionality that you can easily personalize with your own branding.

Implement Advanced Web-Based Features

Cloud Softphone supports web-based features that aren’t supported by your native app. Additional functionality can be coded and integrated into your app using our support for web app capabilities. This added functionality offers enhanced flexibility that you can use to display the types of content that matters to your customers.

Scale as You Grow

The demands of your customers are always changing. Scaling your VoIP app to keep up with those changes is simple. Cloud Softphone lets you modify and add new softphone app features, offers same-day updates for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS changes, and all the support you need to keep your app running flawlessly.

Transparent Fee Structure

Developing and building an enterprise-level app that matches the capabilities of Cloud Softphone would cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars. Instead, you get access to premium features for a fraction of the price. Our fee structure is transparent, meaning you only pay your initial setup fee, the specific features you choose, and monthly support fees. You can quickly add new features at a later point without worrying about being charged hidden fees.

Get Started with Your B2B Softphone App Today

Cloud Softphone puts you in control of your mobile and desktop VoIP app needs. Our platform lets you choose from the richest feature set on the market, which includes some of the following:
  • Support for Android, iOS, OS X, and Windows
  • Push notifications
  • Call and video conferencing
  • Text messaging and rich messaging
  • Best-in-class encryption
  • File transferring
  • Call forward and transfers
  • MDM compliance
  • External provisioning
  • API support
  • Smart contacts

Whether you are building your brand or looking for enterprise-level functionality, Cloud Softphone makes it easy for you to create B2B solutions. Our team of developers has decades of experience working with companies like yours to help them build customized mobile and desktop applications.

Contact our sales team today to book your one-on-one demo.

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Managing Director
Rafael Torreblanca
Managing Director
Rafael Torreblanca is the co-founder of Acrobits and has served as the Managing Director since the acquisition by SINCH. With over 25 years of experience in the telecoms and VoIP industries, Rafael is a pioneer in the global adoption of Mobile VoIP. With his leadership, Acrobits has continued to thrive and innovate, maintaining its position as a leader in the telecommunications sector.
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