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Why the Healthcare Industry Is Embracing Cloud Softphone Apps

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Access to VoIP communications technology is a necessity in most industries today. Yet, the healthcare industry continues to lag behind, instead relying on outdated systems that struggle to cope with the level of demand that they are facing. This problem, coupled with physician reluctance, has made it difficult for the medical industry to benefit from the technological enhancements a mobile ecosystem with softphone apps can provide.

study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that nearly 66% of physicians were not interested in mobile health, while the general population suggested they would prefer mobile health for treatments such as checking blood pressure (77%), body weight (69%), and heart rhythm (64%).

Despite this reluctance, trends are already changing as the mobile healthcare industry is estimated to reach $536 billion in 2025. The relationship between a patient and their healthcare provider is evolving with the introduction of new technologies, and mobile health is the catalyst that is enabling this change.

In a mobile ecosystem, physicians can communicate critical information to their patients using digital platforms, reduce costs, and streamline the entire process of providing healthcare for both patients and the organizations they work for.

With the growth of mobile health and digital healthcare, healthcare providers are finding it challenging to provide effective care with the legacy systems they currently use. The Acrobits Cloud Softphone platform was designed to streamline communication, provide enhanced security, and to allow for collaboration across various teams and departments within the healthcare industry. To date, we’ve enabled over 150 million endpoints with our softphone apps and have worked with industry giants such as Skyscape, Ringx, and Mobile Heartbeat.

Inefficient Systems and Their Effect on Healthcare Delivery

Hospitals, clinics, and care providers rely on face-to-face communication, pagers, and other traditional methods that often sacrifice efficiency when delivering care. In addition, these same healthcare providers use multiple platforms and services to handle all of the processes in their organization.

The healthcare industry is in desperate need of a unified communication platform that can satisfy the distinct requirements of the industry. This issue isn’t unknown either. The Hospital Corporation of America acquired Mobile Heartbeat in 2016 for their Clinical Urgent REsponse (CURE) platform, which is powered by the Acrobits SDK.

Healthcare providers are also held to strict confidentiality standards under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). Failure to maintain proper patient security and confidentiality leads to substantial fines.

Communication among staff is another area of the healthcare industry that can benefit from unified communications. Halifax Health in central Florida found that streamlined communication directly translates to better patient care. They noted that their patients felt they were receiving better care when they saw their caregivers working in a unified manner. According to Halifax Health, they use their mobile health platform to quickly communicate with staff, provide relevant information to patients, and to speed up the recovery and discharge processes.

Mobile health platforms enable healthcare professionals to communicate and provide better care. Something as simple as a nurse staying by the patient’s bedside and using their mobile platform to communicate important questions improves the quality of care and patient satisfaction.

By streamlining the way doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, and patients communicate, healthcare providers will be able to provide higher-quality care and seamlessly react to situations based on the level of severity.

A custom-made mobile ecosystem is designed to solve all of these pain points by providing your company with the functionality it needs to provide the highest quality of care possible.

It’s Time to Fully Embrace Telemedicine

In addition to Cloud Softphones’ other benefits, a white label softphone allows you to provide patients with easier access to care when they need it. Telemedicine leverages the latest advancements to protect customer data and allow healthcare providers to help patients wherever they are. With the right white label softphone, your clinic can:

  • • Remain HIPAA compliant thanks to leading-edge data protection and privacy technologies
  • • Connect patients with the right provider with secure call routing
  • • Create an omnichannel presence by offering chat and SMS support
  • • Address emergency situations before the patient can reach the facility
  • • Equip your call center with the right level of security to process patient requests

All of this is made possible without sacrificing security and risking potential HIPAA violations. A customized unified communications system is specifically built for you, based on your needs, in order to allow you to meet the demands of your staff, patients, and regulators.

Softphone Apps as the Solution

Modernized communication systems are required in the healthcare industry in order to increase the quality of care, the speed at which it is provided and to improve accuracy. A unified communications platform is able to satisfy all of these requirements. By working with an experienced mobile company like Acrobits, we can help you develop the right solution for your organization.

How can a softphone app help your clinic? An effective healthcare communications and services platform must enable your organization to:

  • • Communicate and Collaborate – The needs of your patients can change in an instant. Your organization must be able to call, text, page, and broadcast important messages at a moment’s notice. With Acrobits’ VoIP solutions, you can do all of these things, allowing you to escalate individual cases that are time-sensitive.
  • • Self-Assessment through Analytics – There are always areas where your organization can improve. The Acrobits SDK allows you to view detailed patient information and communications and provides you with the tools you need to assess and improve these systems.
  • • Implement Improvements – Nothing stays the same in healthcare. As a healthcare provider, you need to be able to identify the needs of your patients and maintain systems that are capable of meeting those needs. With our platform, you can implement new changes and technologies and improve your organizational efficiency.
  • • Handle Integration – Healthcare providers are responsible for integrating several systems into their organization. Our API is capable of handling this integration, so your organization can integrate existing and new systems without the need for drastic changes.
  • • Improve Response Times – Your patients’ needs are always changing. A unified communications system will improve your day-to-day operations by reducing the lost time during critical situations, making it easier to track and page staff, connecting care providers with the right patients, and providing your patients with the quality of care that they deserve.
  • • Save Time and Money – Schedules and budgets are difficult to manage. A streamlined mobile health application focusing on VoIP simplifies scheduling, staffing allocation, and budgeting. Simplified billing also gives you more control.

The Acrobits platform reduces the amount of money that you waste on inefficient processes. This alone will save your organization a lot of time and money that it is currently wasting, allowing you to reallocate resources to other vital areas.

Why Acrobits White Label Solution Meets Your Mobile Healthcare Needs

The Acrobits platform was designed to provide unparalleled functionality to companies looking to create their own communication systems, ranging from building a secure call center to offering telemedicine. Our secure and long list of features can provide your company with the functionality it needs to deliver exceptional care.

Fully Customizable Mobile Healthcare Functionality

  • • Telephony – Enable your staff to make calls throughout your facility through the use of our reliable networks. Secure call routing also makes it easier for patients to reach the right provider.
  • • Texting and Sharing Files – Share updates, discuss patient care, and send other vital information through our SMS and file-sharing texting feature. Depending on your goals, you can also support patients with these features to create a truly omnichannel presence.
  • • Video Chat – Use our video chat feature to contact healthcare providers wherever they are in the hospital so they can diagnose and provide rapid care to their patients.
  • • Collaboration – All of the features offered through our mobile SDK are designed to improve collaboration between your various teams.
  • • Embedded Browser Functionality – Enhance your application with whatever content you need, and it will run like native content. You can add contact lists, track lab results, CRM integration, intranet capability, and more.
  • • Customizable Branding – A white label solution gives you complete control over branding throughout your omnichannel presence. Your patients won’t see our logos; they’ll see yours at every step.

There are many ongoing processes that healthcare providers need to consider. Each of these functions is essential to the industry. If any of these systems fail, it can greatly reduce your ability to provide the type of care that is expected of your organization’s needs in order to allow you to meet the demands of your staff, patients, and regulators.

The Acrobits white label SDK is capable of providing all of this functionality and more. We offer healthcare providers the flexibility they need to design custom systems without compromising on security, patient confidentiality, team collaboration, and your ability to deliver quality care.

Advanced Security That’s HIPAA-Compliant

Healthcare providers require advanced security in order to remain HIPAA-compliant. Any mobile platform that handles patient information and other sensitive details needs to be secure. HIPAA violations are costly and can result in large fines, lawsuits, and other unfavourable outcomes.

In 2022, HIPAA penalties totalled $2.127 million dollars, one of the lowest yearly totals for the past decade. This reflects the growing awareness and focuses on compliance, not a decline in penalty amounts. A single violation can exceed $1 million — you always need to stay HIPAA compliant.

Acrobits offers HIPAA-compliant video conferencing, texting, and file sharing that enhances your organization’s security and capabilities. Our platform uses SRTP and TLS to encrypt all Protected Health Information (PHI) being stored within your mobile application.

By offering both SRTP and TLS encryption, the Acrobits platform will keep your sensitive information safe, greatly reducing the risk of HIPAA violations and providing an easy-to-use experience. Every point of contact in your omnichannel presence, from your chat support to your call center, will remain secure and compliant.

Enterprise-Ready – Easily Integrated

Integrating new systems into your organization is a time-consuming matter. However, that’s not the case with the Acrobits platform. Our platform is enterprise-ready and easy to integrate because each application is uniquely designed for your organization and the challenges it faces.

Healthcare Enterprise Functionality Offered by Acrobits:

  • • Enterprise Architecture – Cloud Softphone is built for the enterprise and can be securely deployed by major mobile device management (MDM) brands like Airwatch or MobileIron.
  • • Support for Major Platforms – Whether your organization requires Android, Apple, PC, or Mac support, we are capable of helping you build a platform that is accessible by all major operating systems.
  • • Ongoing Support – Whether you want to support your own platform or have Acrobits provide support, we make obtaining the support you need easy.

Types of Medical Practices that Can Benefit from VoIP

Nearly every clinic and healthcare business can benefit from embracing a softphone app. Advanced software, predictable billing, and securing Protected Health Information (PHI) can simplify and improve many types of medical practices. Some notable practices that can benefit include:

  • • General Clinic
  • • Pediatric
  • • Family Clinic
  • • Dentist
  • • General Surgical
  • • Psychiatry
  • • Emergency Medicine
  • • Ophthalmology
  • • Dermatology
  • • Gynecology Clinic

These common practices frequently communicate with patients, and those communications must be reliable and secure, all with predictable billing. Your medical clinic can likely reap the rewards of a softphone solution to improve your business and patient satisfaction.

Acrobits – Softphone Apps for Modernized Healthcare Communications

Acrobits works with healthcare providers to help them design and develop their own VoIP healthcare platforms. To date, we’ve helped connect over 150,000,000 mobile endpoints for clients in the healthcare, telecom, and media industries.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our mobile SDK, security protocols, or the functionality we can provide to your organization. Acrobits makes it easier than ever to modernize your healthcare systems, allowing you to provide both your staff and patients with dependable systems that streamline all of the communications processes throughout your organization.

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