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Acrobits is trusted by security-conscious companies in the healthcare, security, hospitality, and digital communications industries.

Mobile Ecosystem


For the Healthcare Industry

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Cloud Softphone offers a rich feature set that healthcare companies can customize based on the features they actually need.

healthcare use case

“Indeed, Acrobits has by far the best solution around!”

Saji Avani , Mobile HeartBeat CEO
A More Flexible Choice


for VoIP Platform Resellers

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Resellers have vastly different needs than a company looking for a single customized platform. You require white label softphone solutions that are both flexible and modular.

resellers use case

Their business model makes it easy and affordable for any company to launch their own VoIP app within a few short weeks”

Kerry Weir, Managing Director
Prioritize Customer Service


with Mobile Applications

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Cloud Softphone enables your organization to build a mobile application that is designed to cut costs and improve your operational efficiency.

hospitality use case

“Why keep supporting a hardware base solution when software is the solution? Thanks Acrobits”

Value-Added Services


Designed Specifically for CSPs

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CSPs are leveraging a white-label platform like Cloud Softphone to create a communications ecosystem that enables them to build the experience their customers want.

CSP Use case

Partnering with Acrobits enabled us to quickly deploy a robust mobile communications app for our new Voyant Office product.

Justin Nelson, President
Advanced Encryption

Secure Communications

Unlike Anything Else in the Industry

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Cloud Softphone and our SDK provide you with all the functionality you need when developing your own application through our platform, complete with an award-winning security stack.

secure communications use case

The same platform that the EU Parliament uses to secure itself against wiretapping.

VoIP for B2B


A rich feature set for B2B businesses

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There’s no need for B2B businesses to spend hundreds of thousands on in-house development when Cloud Softphone can do it better for cheaper.

b2b use case

“Acrobits has set a new standard for VoIP and UC Clients with Cloud Softphone”

Andriy Zhylenko, CTO Portaone
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